Where does Fat go when you Lose it?

Where does fat go when you lose it? When people say they're losing weight they often refer to burning calories or burning fat. Well we all know what happens when you burn bacon fat in a pan... it melts into a liquid, and then solidifies in your pan as a result of being too lazy to wash the dish. I have talked to a couple people about this question, and surprisingly, many think that our body fat melts just like bacon fat. When you exercise it just melts away.

However... one of the basic rules of science is the conservation of mass, which states that the amount of mass remains constant and cannot be created or destroyed. For instance, in a burn pile, the mass off all your crap is the same at the beginning and end. The mass of the original burn pile is equivalent to the mass of the ashes, gas, and smoke put off.

Dang. That puts a damper in the whole melting body fat theory. If your body fat did just "melt away" then it would have to melt away to somewhere else. It wouldn't just drain down to your feet.
So applying the rule of conservation of mass, we can begin to solve this whole fat thing. If someone loses weight... they literally have to lose it from their body. So what are the ways humans can excrete mass? Well we can urinate, defecate, respirate, and perspire (you can vomit too but bulimics will not be included in this discussion because they are cheaters). Okay this is starting to come together now. When you are losing weight... you literally pee more, poop more, breath more, or sweat more. That is where your mass is going. Now don't go crazy here and start hyperventilating trying to lose weight. All that will do is excrete too much carbon dioxide which will increase the acidity of your blood causing dizziness, numbness and tingling, light-headedness, and possibly a seizure.